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Agave: The Heart of Our Spirits

At the heart of every bottle of Dirt Road Agave Spirit is the blue Weber agave plant. This versatile plant, known for its thick leaves and distinctive spiky tip, is grown in the Atherton Tablelands region of Queensland, Australia. The unique microclimate and volcanic soil in this region provide the perfect conditions for our agave to thrive and mature quickly.

The blue Weber agave is the same plant used in the production of tequila, but our agave is acclimated to the unique conditions of the Atherton Tablelands. This allows us to create a spirit that truly showcases the unique character and seasons of place.

Our agave plants are hand-harvested after a five-six year growth cycle and are then carefully prepared, cooked and fermented with wild yeast before being distilled in our 1500L Arnold Holstein Copper Pot Still. This meticulous process results in a spirit with robust flavour profiles and unparalleled smoothness.

We believe that every sip of our agave spirit should reflect the unique terroir of the Atherton Tablelands and our commitment to tradition, sustainability, and community. Join us in celebrating the heart of our spirits, the blue Weber agave.

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