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At Dirt Road, we are dedicated to crafting premium agave spirits using traditional and artisanal methods. Our process is meticulous and it’s what sets our agaves apart.

We begin by growing our Blue Agave plants in the volcanic soils of the Atherton Tablelands. The unique terroir of the region allows the agaves to mature quickly and develop a distinct flavour profile. Once mature, the agaves are hand-harvested after a five-six year growth cycle.

Each agave is then selected and carefully prepared for production. The agaves are cooked in an oven at 63 °C for 12 hours, a process that helps to extract the sugars and intensify the flavour. After cooking, the agaves are crushed to extract the juice, which is then fermented with wild yeast.

The fermented liquid is then double distilled in our 1500L Arnold Holstein Copper Pot Still (named Helga), resulting in spirits with robust flavour profiles and unparalleled smoothness. We do not take shortcuts in our process because we believe that every sip should reflect the unique terroir of the Atherton Tablelands and our commitment to tradition, sustainability, and community.

Our passion for agave and attention to detail is evident in every bottle of our truly unique and authentic agave spirits. We believe that the traditional and artisanal methods used in our production process results in a spirit that truly reflects the unique terroir of the region and our commitment to quality and authenticity.

We are proud of our process and invite you to learn more about the unique characteristics and flavours of our agave spirits. We invite you to visit us and see for yourself the care and attention that goes into every bottle of Dirt Road agave spirits.